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What is the Opposite of New Mexico?



After practicing as a professional artist for a very long time, I thought, “Enough of me”. My own painting has always been my personal therapy, and watching people  learn to paint made that art – therapy connection even more obvious.  I decided to go back to school to become an Art Therapist?  I explored graduate programs all over the country and settled on Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Not only have deserts always been magical places to me, but Southwestern College was completely different than the others. They used words like “transforming consciousness, intentionality, awareness and experiential learning “. These people spoke my language. I wanted to go there!

Step #1.  Applied…. got accepted.

Step #2  Figured out how to pay for it.

Step #3  Talk my wonderful partner, Rog Bates,  into uprooting and moving across the country.

Step #4  Made sure our two adult children didn’t freak out when they heard about this plan which didn’t revolve around them.

Step #5  Dealt with the house.
When the home we had raised our family in and nested comfortably in for 14 years sold in five days I freaked out a little. I didn’t expect it all to go so fast and smooth.”Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  Wait a minute!”  I’m driving this train and not sure exactly where it’s goin’.

to be continued…


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AUTHOR Amy Hautman Bates

I started this blog intending to write about the creative art's health and healing potential. Having been around art all my life, I thought I knew a lot about Art Therapy. But the more I read, the more fascinated I became, and the more I realized how little I knew. This blog is about my journey from full time artist to student at Southwestern College to Art Therapist... and whatever happens along the way.

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