Remembering Joy in Minnesota’s Simple Things

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Last night I brought my dream into a lucid state where I was skating as a child.  In our Minnesota winters my dad would flood the backyard with a hose for several days and create a huge skating rink for the season. It was cold. Way too cold– but looking out of our wall of windows and seeing the crowd of kids playing made joining in irresistible.

Skating Mandala Watercolor by Amy Hautman

Skating Mandala Watercolor by Amy Hautman

I have crude metal plates with runners strapped to my boots. I can barely stand up but I am part of the group. They are my brothers and their friends– although it doesn’t really matter who they are. They are laughing and I am safe. I am one of them. I look up and watched the wispy snowflakes float through the soft blue gray sky toward me. I open my mouth and feel the crisp cold tingle of each flake melt as it touches my tongue. 

 I lower my gaze and my body shifts. I become aware of the tentative contact of the double metal blades against the ice. A little push and I coasted a few feet.  My tightly bundled body feels warm and protected as I drift smoothly a across the ice. I am smiling. 

That vivid dream recalled a fifty year old memory. I have the same kind of feeling right now.  I am surrounded by people I love– even though I just met them.  I am intensely focused and feeling the pure sensations of what I am coming to know. At times I am standing still, in silence with heightened awareness. And at other times, I feel a nudge forward into a new place with a fresh perspective. The moments of fear only come when I look down at my skates and wonder how I am going to do this.  As long as I can be present and trust my feet to know the way, I drift smoothly. I am smiling.


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AUTHOR Amy Hautman Bates M.A, LPCC, ATR-BC

After being a professional painter for 30 years, I broadened by scope from making art for personal edification to using art to promote health and healing in the world. I work as an Art Therapist with children and families in Santa Fe, New Mexico, witnessing  them tap into their creative energy to gain greater emotional stability, resiliency and peace.

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