Dreamlike Dissolving Self

February 25, 2013 at 5:15 am Leave a comment

I want to say my body left. But those aren’t the right words, because it wasn’t like anything was missing. It was the middle of the night–the room was a solid deep midnight blue.  I watched my body dissolve.

Watercolor Interpretation of  a Dreamlike Experience

Watercolor Interpretation of a Dreamlike Experience

I experienced the sensation of my physical being very slowly disintegrating into twinkling stardust. It was beautiful and freaky at the very same time. Words are wholly inadequate for conveying this phenomenon.

1 minute video, captures the essence of this experience better than my words. 



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AUTHOR Amy Hautman Bates

I started this blog intending to write about the creative art's health and healing potential. Having been around art all my life, I thought I knew a lot about Art Therapy. But the more I read, the more fascinated I became, and the more I realized how little I knew. This blog is about my journey from full time artist to student at Southwestern College to Art Therapist... and whatever happens along the way.

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