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Art Therapy Heals through Interpersonal Neurobiology

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Watching the jelly fish at the Albuquerque Aquarium reminded me of how magical and mysterious we all are. The photos were perfect for my  presentation about Interpersonal Neurobiology and Art Therapy for my Art Theories class at Southwestern College. Here is a short clip. Looking at how the process of making art helps us integrate our right and left brain functions, explains the healing potential of Art Therapy. Interpersonal Neurobiology is one of the more concrete, measurable techniques which helps validate our successes in the field. Understanding the amazing resiliency  of the human brain, makes wellness possible for me, you, and for the world.


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AUTHOR Amy Hautman Bates

I started this blog intending to write about the creative art's health and healing potential. Having been around art all my life, I thought I knew a lot about Art Therapy. But the more I read, the more fascinated I became, and the more I realized how little I knew. This blog is about my journey from full time artist to student at Southwestern College to Art Therapist... and whatever happens along the way.

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