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Painting of Placitas – Series Begins

Placitas Series BeginsThis  new  landscape is something  I am going to want to paint over and over again.  Sky, clouds, mountains, mesas, boulders, stones, sand, land, Juniper bushes, Pinon trees, sage, yucca, prickly pear cacti all shift with the changes in the sunlight creating a beautiful visual symphony.  It all looks and feels so perfectly perfect. How do I capture the essence of it all?



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First Impression, Landscape of Placitas, New Mexico

Placitas, First Impression

Placitas, First Impression

This is an oil painting capturing my initial response to the unusual landscape in Placitas, New Mexico. I think this may be the beginning of a series since there is so much to say. We moved from the humid, green world of North Carolina where our house was engulfed in a woods of tall towering trees. Here, in Placitas the rolling hills of cream, taupe and apricot colored rocks and earth are dotted with Pinon and Juniper bushes.  All this new flora and fauna is laid out under extraordinary skies.

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